Choosing toys for children

Toys video for kids

Many toys have age-range info on their packaging. This Toys video for children can be useful, but in terms of play, it�s only a guide. Your child�s interests and stage of development will most likely give you a better notion of what to choose.

Toys video for kids

Age-range information could be important for safety, however - for example, when Toys video for children contain small parts that the baby could swallow. In such cases, it�s wise to follow the recommended age-range information.

For your baby, the best �toy� is you, a carer or other close relative. Your baby will take pleasure in watching your face, listening to your voice and simply being with you. Even play activities such as looking at a brightly coloured mobile, playing a wind-up musical toy and learning how to reach for a rattle tend to be more fun when you along with your baby do them together.

Toddlers love to play with boxes, and frequently have more fun using the wrapping a present is available in than the present itself. Other good choices for toddlers include construction toys like foundations (for example, Duplo) and clothing for dress-ups. Toddlers also enjoy simple musical instruments that they can shake and bang - a drum produced from an upside down pot along with a wooden spoon may be just as much fun as a purpose-built toy.

Older children often want to solve problems and employ their imagination. Puzzles or games that get your child playing with other people are also good choices.

Toys and advertising

A lot of toys have ads and marketing aimed at children. It can be very hard to resist when your child uses a toy because �everyone else has it�. You might like to read more about helping your child become ad savvy.

Toys video for kids toys are often designed to promote a particular form of play based on a movie or Tv series. This doesn�t necessarily cause them to become bad toys, nevertheless they might limit the play options for your child. This Toys video for youngsters can happen if your child only plays with these toys to copy what are the results in the TV shows, rather than using his imagination.